Could you provide an introduction to Valvtronic, including the background of the company and its role in the Argentine oil and gas industry?

Valvtronic is a leading local manufacturer and automation company that specializes in butterfly valves, and currently holds around 60% of the market in Argentina. The company has been in the industry since around 2007, and has the potential to supply not only the local market but also provide related services, especially considering the current state of Argentina’s metallurgical industry.

How does Valvtronic cope with the import restrictions placed on the industry?

While import restrictions have been beneficial for Valvtronic, the company believes that it may negatively affect the industry in the long run. As a company that aspires to be a global oil and gas player, Valvtronic suggests that the government relax and eventually eliminate import restrictions to avoid a shortage of vital technologies that may hold back Argentina’s oil and gas industry.

Valvtronic has previously participated in YPF’s Sustenta program. How does the program work and what benefits has Valvtronic received from it?

Valvtronic has a close relationship with its clients and has benefited from YPF’s Sustenta program, which has helped Argentina’s industry meet the increasingly complex needs of unconventional exploration and production. The program created a communication channel between YPF and its suppliers that did not exist before its re-nationalization. Valvtronic’s participation in the program begins with making a proposal to YPF to supply a product. Then, Valvtronic representatives assess the needed product specification at YPF’s operations, and YPF representatives visit Valvtronic’s production plants to jointly design the product. Finally, YPF places an order if the production testing is successful.

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