Is today’s low-interest environment helping your business or creating challenges?

The impact of low rates has certainly been helpful, allowing individuals to afford more and providing an opportunity for long-term planning. However, in our business, we predominantly cater to empty nesters and those seeking homes beyond the starter level. For these individuals, the influence of low rates hasn’t been the primary driver. Instead, we’ve observed a trend where people, having lived in their homes for an extended period, are now seeking a shift, often towards more walkable areas. The current market conditions have rendered their existing properties valuable, prompting them to make this transition.

What design trends have you seen emerge over the last year?

Our focus begins with prime locations, seeking out the most desirable neighborhoods where people aspire to live. Traditional home designs continue to resonate strongly with our clientele. However, what has evolved is the flexibility afforded by remote work, allowing individuals to reside wherever they desire. With this shift, home design has adapted to accommodate remote work, emphasizing the need for versatile spaces and nooks within homes. Additionally, there’s a heightened emphasis on neighborhood features and outdoor living spaces, a trend that’s gaining substantial traction.

What is your near-term outlook?

I hold a very optimistic view of the near future. There’s always the question of when or if there might be a slowdown, but as long-form developers, we maintain confidence in the region and the neighborhoods we’re invested in. We’re patient and adaptable, ready to adjust our pace according to market trends. Fortunately, we have a favorable buyer profile and operate within cherished neighborhoods, which gives us a sense of stability even amid potential market fluctuations.

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