Can you provide a brief background on the BelarusAngola Company and the sectors it is involved in within the economy?

Certainly. The BelarusAngola Company was established in 2015, with a focus on civil construction projects in Angola through partnerships with Belarusian companies. Our aim was to expand internationally, and we identified Belarus as a promising partner. Currently, our main sectors of involvement include civil construction, mining, and agriculture. We are working towards setting up an assembly plant for tractors, trucks, and buses, as well as creating a logistics center to market Belarusian products in Angola. Additionally, we have ventured into the mining industry and are in the process of obtaining exploration licenses. Recognizing Angola’s fertile land, we see great potential in the agricultural sector as well.

In terms of sourcing machinery, where does BelarusAngola obtain the equipment required for its large-scale alluvial mining projects?

We have established contracts with Belarusian companies and primarily source our equipment from Belarus. So far, we have purchased equipment worth US$1.3 million from AMKODOR. In addition, we own tractors worth US$1.2 million and have invested US$1.3 million in MAZ buses. We have also added 6×6 dump trucks to our fleet. Belarus offers cost-competitive equipment, which makes it our preferred source. Furthermore, we are managing a credit line from the Development Bank of Belarus.

How important do you believe it is for private companies to support the development of local populations where they operate?

We strongly believe that private companies have a responsibility to support the development of local populations in the areas where they operate. While the government provides essential infrastructure and services, private companies can contribute to job creation, economic growth, and social responsibility initiatives. We prioritize the well-being of the population and actively work towards providing necessary goods and services to strengthen agricultural production and address poverty-related challenges faced by the local communities.

How has the BelarusAngola Company experienced working with the Angolan government, and what advice would you give to newcomers?

Working with the Angolan government has been a positive experience for us. Angola is a safe country with a stable and friendly political environment. The government has shown a commitment to facilitating a business climate that encourages foreign investment. Our advice to newcomers would be to prioritize compliance with regulations and focus on the well-being of the local population. By aligning your projects with the government’s development goals and demonstrating respect for the community, you can gain their support and cooperation.

What does the BelarusAngola Company seek in potential partnerships with international investors?

Our business philosophy centers around an “Angola first” approach. Therefore, we look for potential investors and partners who share this vision and are willing to work effectively with us in that context. While investment is not our primary focus at this stage, we value partners who can bring experience, expertise, and know-how to enhance our operations and contribute to the development of Angola.

What is the vision of the BelarusAngola Company for the next five years?

In the coming five years, we envision significant progress and expansion for the BelarusAngola Company. We are encouraged by the Angolan government’s efforts in developing the country, such as their recent initiative, “Operação Transparência,” aimed at ending illegal mining exploration. Our ongoing projects in mining, agriculture, and construction are already in motion, and we aim to expand further within these sectors. With the continued support from the government, we are committed to making substantial contributions to Angola’s growth and development.

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