What are the most important infrastructure projects in the region?

Mass transit is at the forefront of my attention. We have a bus rapid transit system about to launch, although it might not seem overly appealing initially, it’s a stepping stone for efficiently moving people around our community. The prospect of light rail or a commuter system is on the horizon, still a few years away, but it holds immense potential for facilitating growth in our region. Establishing a transportation network covering the Triangle is crucial, designed to reach where people need to go efficiently without becoming overly complex.

Which areas of Raleigh-Durham are the fastest-growing?

Downtown Raleigh and Downtown Durham have seen remarkable revitalization in the past decade or so. Downtown Raleigh has transformed into a vibrant, 24-hour city with a dynamic live, work, play ambiance, offering an array of excellent dining and entertainment options. Similarly, Downtown Durham has undergone significant changes, benefiting from its proximity to Research Triangle Park (RTP). The close proximity allows Downtown Durham to potentially function as the central hub for much of RTP. Another thriving area is North Hills, a remarkable example of a community that has transitioned into a fantastic live, work, play environment. The transformation of North Hills from a quiet mall to a bustling neighborhood with top-notch office spaces, new apartments, and retail offerings has had a positive ripple effect on the surrounding residential communities.

What is your near-term outlook for your properties?

We anticipate 2021 to remain challenging for our properties as we continue navigating the lingering effects of COVID-19. A full return to normalcy seems likely only later in the year, at the earliest. Our focus remains on supporting property owners and merchants to foster an environment conducive to their success. Collaboration between property owners and tenants will be paramount in weathering the challenges of 2021 together. Looking ahead, we believe our market and properties are well-positioned to capitalize on the ongoing regional growth, offering promising prospects for the foreseeable future.

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