Over the 35 years since KALAM’s inception, what key milestones have defined the company’s journey?

Since 1987, our distinctive factor has been our staff. Our team consists of individuals who have been integral to the company since its inception. Back in the 1970s, the business functioned through a contractor model. Recognizing the need for change, we embraced a more comprehensive approach, employing specialized workers in monument and historic building rehabilitation. While maintaining such a staff structure during economic downturns was challenging, it’s been successful. We’ve reinvested our profits, never distributing dividends, which has enabled us to retain our skilled team and deliver top-notch quality.

Could you elaborate on the range of services offered by KALAM?

Our primary focus remains comprehensive rehabilitation projects, where our restoration division operates on both exterior and interior aspects with artistic significance. We also provide project support, coordinating experienced professionals to aid clients in building analysis, collaborate with their technicians, and conduct tests or urgent renovation works. Our complex renovation projects are managed under parameters ensuring quality, efficiency, and expertise, courtesy of an accredited and experienced team.

Could you highlight some of the iconic projects KALAM has undertaken in Spain and abroad?

We’re proud to have been twice acknowledged with European Heritage Awards/Europa Nostra Awards. Our endeavors encompass extensive rehabilitation works like the Major Seminary of Comillas, where we restored historic, artistic, and artisanal assets. Notable projects include La Equitativa in Madrid, the Canalejas complex, Metropolis building, and the Bank of Spain’s Central Headquarters. In Toledo, our work extends to the historic center and ongoing structural consolidation for a future hotel. Our reach isn’t confined to Spain; we’ve contributed to landmark projects in Chile, France, Portugal, and recently in New York.

Given your strong international presence, what are KALAM’s expansion plans?

Our operations in Chile serve as a hub for the Pacific axis, encompassing Peru, Mexico, and Colombia. In Angola, we’ve undertaken significant rehabilitation at the Das Pescas Ministry training center. We maintain a territorial network in Spain, Portugal, and France, where our expertise aligns well with the heritage. While seeking to consolidate in the US and globally, our logistics are tailored to meet diverse service demands under stringent quality standards.

What are KALAM’s primary goals for 2021?

Our focus remains on being the leading company in Spain, Chile, and other regions where we operate. The US market demands high-value services, and France, with its rich heritage, is a focal point. Our clientele seeks optimal value, and we aim to meet their needs competitively. We endeavor to continue as their trusted partners in their envisioned projects.

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