What have you learned from the transition to remote work?

Shifting to remote work in March 2020 showcased that our productivity remained consistently high. We anticipate that as the pandemic wanes, companies and clients will evaluate the possibility of maintaining remote work for some sectors of their business, not merely as a cost-saving measure but as a strategic insurance policy against potential disruptions. For us, having our entire accounting team transition to remote work within a week worked well. While certain business aspects can thrive remotely, industries relying on collaboration and interpersonal interaction won’t find complete replication in virtual spaces. We anticipate alterations in office space needs but believe that demand will persist post-pandemic.

How has COVID-19 affected the construction industry’s dynamics?

COVID-19 necessitated the implementation of stringent CDC-recommended protocols to ensure safe site operations. Interestingly, closer material proximity facilitated quicker job completion due to reduced traffic and supply chain disruptions in the last-mile segment. However, challenges emerged in the first-mile supply chain, leading to significant disruptions.

What are your short-term projections?

Our business revolves around top-tier service, whether in corporate services, management, or development. Looking into 2021, with ongoing vaccinations, we foresee Charlotte and the Sun Belt experiencing substantial growth over the next five to ten years. On the corporate service front, our focus remains on maintaining agility and adaptability to align seamlessly with our clients’ evolving and rapidly changing needs on a daily basis.

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