Can you give us a brief overview of Tetra Tech’s history, its involvement in the mining industry, and the recent M&A developments in Brazil?

Tetra Tech was founded in 1966 and originally provided engineering services related to water management systems. Over the years, the company diversified and expanded its geographic reach, now employing over 14,000 people across 350 offices worldwide. Tetra Tech provides consulting, engineering, and program and construction management services to a range of sectors, including energy, infrastructure, oil and gas, and mining. With 15 mining offices globally, the mining industry is strategic for Tetra Tech, as it uses its mining arm to gain access to new markets and expand further. Tetra Tech has made several significant acquisitions in Brazil, including CRA Engenharia in 2012 and ASA, a Sao Paulo-based oceanographic consulting firm, in the same year. Tetra Tech currently has over 600 employees and contractors working on 13 projects for clients in Brazil.

Tetra Tech has a history of growth through M&A. How does the company manage the integration process with acquired companies, and what are Tetra Tech’s main corporate values and competencies?

Tetra Tech has extensive experience in integrating acquired companies into its structure. To ensure a successful integration process, Tetra Tech looks for firms whose core values align with its own and avoids changing their essence. Tetra Tech’s diversified portfolio and extensive market and industry reach provide flexibility, allowing the company to leverage profitable sectors and create synergies between its various business units. Tetra Tech’s global structure enables it to improve the quality of its services by sharing and solving customer issues and requests internally. The company values being close to its clients and working with them, not just for them. Tetra Tech’s recent acquisition of CRA has helped it establish good long-standing relationships with important players in the Brazilian market.

What is the current status of Brazil’s mining industry, as perceived by Tetra Tech?

The mining business in Brazil has been negatively influenced over the past year by the uncertainty caused by the much-awaited release of the new mining code, as well as the block on new permits and licenses issued by the DNPM and the cautiousness of investors due to the global economic environment. Many producers are struggling to deliver projects on time and within budget, making it challenging to attract investors.

What projects is Tetra Tech currently involved with in Brazil?

Tetra Tech is currently involved in several mining projects in Brazil. With Yamana Gold, the company is working on the design engineering for their gold ore beneficiation plant at Pilar de Goias. They are also working on Crusader Resources’ CASCAR gold project, where they are conducting the definitive feasibility study, and collaborating with Rio Novo Gold on a green field ore beneficiation plant located in Tocantins state at the Almas gold project. Tetra Tech has also received a recent contract for Centaurus Metals’ Jambreiro Iron Ore Project, where they will be in charge of detailed engineering and procurement. However, the most significant project the company is involved in is Anglo American Iron Ore’s Minas Rio, where Tetra Tech has about 450 people working on construction management of the beneficiation plant and filtering area.

What are Tetra Tech’s plans for the future in Brazil, given the current state of the mining industry?

Tetra Tech is confident in its future in Brazil and plans to grow considerably over the next few years. The company’s operations in Brazil are currently the biggest contributor to Tetra Tech’s mining business unit at a global level. The proficiency of Brazil in iron ore, as well as its undeveloped resources in potash and rare earths, creates strong fundamentals for the industry to attract new investments, and Tetra Tech believes this will be noticeable as early as 2016. The company’s acquisition-based policy has allowed it to establish itself as a strong, permanent player in the Brazilian market, and they plan to stay and continue growing.

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