What notable achievements marked Perkins&Will’s Charlotte office in the past year?

In 2020, our Charlotte studio moved within Uptown. Our project lineup here is impressive, involving the new Truist Bank HO and projects at the Charlotte Douglas International Airport, including collaborations with American Express on CDIA lounges.

What are your thoughts on the future of workplace 2.0?

The significant shift lies in moving away from maximum-density floor plans, where people were placed very close together, around 32 to 36 inches apart. This approach is unequivocally on its way out. There’s a strong focus now on creating healthier workspaces, emphasizing connections among colleagues, nurturing company culture, and reflecting its brand.

What immediate opportunities do you anticipate?

We’re exploring a hub-and-spoke model between Uptown and surrounding areas like South End, North Davidson, and the suburbs. There’s active discussion around city development. Major urban hubs like New York might not hold the same allure post-COVID. Commuting challenges are prompting some to continue remote work. There are also ongoing talks about constructing development towers integrating commercial, retail, living spaces, and green areas within a single structure. This approach aims for greater resilience against disruptive forces like the pandemic.

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