Can you provide our audience with an overview of SKF Aerospace’s global offerings and its importance in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region?

SKF Aerospace is a vital part of SKF’s business, accounting for 5% of the company’s revenue and employing around 3,000 individuals across 12 manufacturing sites globally. The company has two research and development centers in Valence, Rhône-Alpes, and Jamestown, New York, that specialize in aero-engine bearing solutions. In addition to providing solutions in North America and Europe, SKF also has a strong presence in airframe aerostructure bearings and composite products in Europe.

The use of composite materials in aerospace is becoming increasingly popular, and SKF is continually responding to market demands for more composite material applications. The company has launched SKF Black Design, a new design approach that utilizes 2D materials made from carbon fiber and resins to create lightweight products. This technology aims to reduce fuel costs and consumption and minimize energy loss due to issues of friction or heating.

End-of-product-life is an essential topic in the aerospace industry. While aerospace isn’t a high-volume user of composite materials compared to the automotive industry, recycling or reusing them is still a concern. To address this issue, SKF is researching the recyclability of composite materials, with a particular focus on separating resins and carbon fibers at the end of a product’s life.

How does SKF attract qualified experts to bring these innovative solutions to the market?

To develop its talent pool, SKF has established a relationship with the National Institute of Applied Sciences Lyon (INSA), which collaborates with third-year mechanical engineering students to prepare them for work in the industry. Additionally, SKF’s Global Trainee Program recruits potential new talent and provides them with a two-year experience across various organizations within the company. By utilizing these programs, SKF aims to attract and develop the talent needed to bring innovative solutions to the market.

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