How did the mergers and acquisitions that led to the formation of TSC Group occur?

TSC Group is a global provider of products and services for the land and marine drilling industry, made up of multiple entities and divisions that allow the organization to be a world-class solutions provider. The oldest company in the group is Ansell Jones, an English company created in 1845. Miko Oilfield Supplies, also known as M.O.S., was established in Europe in 1989 to provide mechanical handling equipment and blowout prevention systems primarily for the marine market. Patriot Cranes, formed in Houston in 1990, provides cranes for the marine market.

In 1995, EMER International Limited was formed in Houston, which soon acquired HHCT, an electrical engineering and supplies company in Xi’an, which provided the group with its first production plant in China. EMER installed its second plant in Quingdao (China) in 2002. In 2004, M.O.S. acquired Ansell Jones and Patriot Cranes and was renamed Global Marine Energy (GME), a company that was listed in London; that same year, EMER started trading on the Hong Kong stock exchange. In 2007, EMER bought Highlight, a company in Zhengzhou (China), and then acquired GME the following year. It was then that EMER changed its name to TSC Offshore and began trading on the main index in Hong Kong. Since then, there have been other acquisitions, such as the 51% investment in Cruiser, a company providing superior propulsion systems.

In 2011, we restructured as TSC Group to provide marine and land solutions to our customers. With an extensive spare parts distribution network worldwide, at TSC Manufacturing and Supply, we can meet customer expectations. We also have great service capacity not only for TSC-provided equipment but also for many other brands.

In 2013, TSC incorporated Alliance Offshore Drilling Pte Ltd (AOD), a company based in Singapore. Through a partnership with the CSSC Huangpu shipyard in Guangzhou, China, and with Houston-based Zentech Engineering, we can cover the entire production process of Zentech-designed 400-foot self-elevating platforms (jackups). Lifting systems, drilling equipment, deck cranes, and other equipment are supplied by TSC.

What is your presence in the Mexican market?

Historically, Patriot Cranes supplied deck cranes to the Mexican market. After TSC’s acquisition, the company provided an explosion prevention system and a conductor tensioning unit for the Independencia platform. The same supplies have been installed on all Seadrill JU-2000 platforms, which are planned to operate in the Mexico region.

TSC opened its first facility in Mexico in 2013, in Ciudad del Carmen. At TSC, we see Mexico as an emerging market, not only because of the energy reform and the entry of new operators but also because of Mexico’s need to increase its production using new technologies.

The bidding process with Pemex is quite complicated due to the enormous amount of documentation required, which exceeds what is usually required in other parts of the world. The award of a first contract for the modernization of four 2000 horsepower (hp) land platforms is our first milestone in forging a successful relationship with Pemex.

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