Can you describe Dedeman’s accomplishments since establishing chrome mining operations?

Sure, Dedeman started mining operations in Turkey in 1947 with the production of chrome in Pınarbaşı, Kayseri. Over time, the company expanded to three additional mines and increased production from 3,000 mt/y to up to 150,000 mt/y. Dedeman has exported four to five million mt over the last 71 years to global markets, with its products only found in specific areas of the world as part of the special ferrochromium group. The company also produces high grade carbonate zinc and lead ore from Kayseri’s Aladağlar area. Dedeman is one of the top three chrome miners in Turkey, with its main advantage being its high grade minerals.

How does Dedeman plan to increase its production of chrome, zinc, and lead?

In recent years, Dedeman decreased chrome production and made more investments in lead and zinc, increasing their volume in these minerals. They plan to increase their lead and zinc production by 30,000 mt/y to 50,000 mt/y in the next three to four years. They have also started drilling studies for chrome and plan to invest US$22 million in Adana to increase production by 100,000 mt/y in 2019, and perhaps by 150,000 mt/y to 200,000 mt/y in the next two to three years.

What are Dedeman’s core objectives in the years to come?

Dedeman’s core objectives are to increase lead and zinc production and invest in end products like zinc ingots. They also aim to increase chrome production and ultimately produce ferrochrome.

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