Can you describe the main goals of the Turkish Miners Association and its membership?

The Turkish Miners Association, founded in 1948, is the oldest and only surviving mining association in Turkey. It represents up to 90% of the country’s mining producers, including 69 legal companies and 39 private individuals. The TMA’s main focus is on the representation of 85% to 90% of Turkey’s mining producers, which includes some of the largest mining companies in the country, government-owned companies, associations like the Turkish Coal Association, and foreign investors from countries like Canada.


What are the advantages of Turkey’s mineral reserves?

Turkey’s mineral reserves benefit from the country’s strategic location on the Tethyan Belt, which is a mineral-rich area that holds significant potential for minerals such as chrome, copper, zinc, lead, and gold. Although exploration has taken place, this potential has not yet been fully exploited as mining extractions have not reached deeper reserves. The government is also showing great interest in supporting this cause by making analyses on a meta-basis to locate minerals, with a target of 2 million meters of drilling this year and 3 million meters next year. The reserves of marble in Turkey are also highly remarkable, in terms of the different colors and qualities available.


What initiatives is the association undertaking to improve safety in the mining industry?

The Turkish mining industry’s safety record was severely impacted by the Soma incident, which was a major tragedy. The TMA is highly concerned about safety and organized an international conference right after the Soma incident to discuss safety in the workplace. The conference involved guests from international mining industries such as the United States, Canada, Australia, and China, and resulted in important discussions and workshops for companies and the government. The TMA aims to continue to work towards improving safety by organizing conferences with speakers from countries with large mining industries, including government, university, and company representatives.


What are your goals as the new President of the TMA, and what is your vision for the mining industry in Turkey?

As the new President of the TMA, my goal is to continue carrying out the TMA’s mission with grace, rather than implementing significant revisions to an already well-functioning mechanism. The TMA’s existing principles and ethics concerning workplace safety, as well as environmental sustainability, will remain our core objectives. Additionally, we aim to improve the industry’s techniques so Turkey can use its reserves more productively, always keeping international standards in mind.

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