What are the major successes for Baker Concrete Construction this year?

Making it through 2020 is an accomplishment for any company. As a part of the construction industry, our ability to continue operations felt like a stroke of fortune. The pandemic posed numerous challenges, yet within those challenges, we found opportunities. As leaders, we faced a crucial decision: retreat from the spotlight or utilize it to redefine our identity and the value we offer our colleagues and clients. Rapidly, we chose the latter, driven by our core values of People, Honor, and Grit. Witnessing our team unite, embodying these values in the face of adversity, was incredibly inspiring. Our focus wasn’t merely on financial decisions; it centered on safeguarding our essential frontline workers—carpenters, laborers, and project teams. Our paramount success in 2020 was navigating the crisis while remaining steadfast to our core values, emerging stronger as a unified force.

What is your outlook for Baker Concrete Construction?

Our outlook for 2021 is notably positive. Both internally and externally, we’re witnessing a momentum shift toward growth. Various economic indicators signal overall economic expansion. Traditionally, the construction market aligns with the tail end of economic growth, but recent market movements and pent-up demand suggest new opportunities emerging by the middle of the year. Our portfolio mix has evolved, a positive shift we view favorably as long as we maintain the agility to leverage it. One favorable outcome from the crisis has been the mandatory slowdown, enabling us to pause, recalibrate, and adapt to a new way of conducting business. This introspective period has reinforced our core beliefs and strategies. Our commitment remains steadfast: to be concrete experts dedicated to supporting our clients and communities through our principles of People, Honor, and Grit.

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