Can you provide a brief introduction to Bodycote’s presence in the Turkish market, given that the company operates in 24 countries with almost 200 plants?

Sure, in 2006, Bodycote established a joint venture with ISTAŞ, the largest heat treatment company in Turkey. Over the past seven years, Bodycote ISTAŞ has invested in new technologies and people to deliver top-notch services to its customers. Bodycote applies heat treatment to metals, especially those involved in engine parts, to improve the mechanical properties of the component, with a particular focus on steel components. The company has grown its specialty businesses by utilizing the latest equipment, and today serves key clients in the automotive, machine, and aerospace and defense sectors.

What about the Turkish market compelled the company to establish operations here, given the presence of GE and Kale Pratt & Whitney, a national jet project, and a leading airline, Turkish Airlines?

The presence of two engine plants, a national jet project, and a leading airline like Turkish Airlines, which has bolstered the aerospace sector, particularly in engine investments and equipment overhaul, makes Turkey an attractive market. As an emerging economy, Bodycote views Turkey as a long-term investment.

The Turkish aerospace and defense market is projected to grow by 4% to 5% over the next five years. How is Bodycote ISTAŞ planning to target this market?

Currently, aerospace and defense comprise roughly 7% of Bodycote’s total business volume in Turkey. Bodycote ISTAŞ recently completed construction of a plant in Gebze to support this sector. Demand within this sector is growing, and Bodycote ISTAŞ is receiving new enquiries not only from original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) like Roketsan, Aselsan, and Turkish Aerospace Industries (TAI), but also from their suppliers, which are crucial for the company’s business. Key clients are both OEMs and their suppliers that require heat treatment service for their parts. Orders from these clients are already on the rise, which encourages Bodycote ISTAŞ to grow its operations significantly. The company has been preparing itself for growth by obtaining certifications such as the AS9100, as well as approvals from TAI, Korean Aerospace Industries (KAI), Roketsan, Aselsan, and Sikorsky. Furthermore, the civil aviation market is growing, leading to additional inquiries from companies working on major projects for Airbus and Boeing.

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