Could you please provide an introduction to Metaproject and describe its activities in the mining sector?

Metaproject has been operating in the mining, infrastructure, and petrochemical industries for the past three decades. Our core competency is multidisciplinary engineering, which we provide across all phases of a project. While we initially focused on mining environments, we have now diversified and offer a wide range of services. We have three main divisions: services, project management, and contract and supply areas. We are responsible for managing the tender and asset contracts for all of Codelco’s divisions, as well as working with Anglo American and ENAP. Our engineering and project management support spans from the concept design to construction, and we also offer back-office and front-office administrative support.

How can investment in multidisciplinary engineering help maximize operational productivity?

Multidisciplinary engineering can be a game-changer for operational productivity. Traditionally, projects tend to get delayed due to a siloed chain from the engineering conception to the different stages of a project. By adopting a multidisciplinary engineering approach from one company, a holistic view and clear project management can be achieved. We collaborate with clients in the design stage, which ensures that both parties have a vested interest because they will be involved throughout the life of the project. This approach not only reduces delays but also enhances productivity.

What are the main barriers for the adoption of innovation at mining operations?

The primary barrier to innovation adoption at mining operations is people. To successfully implement technology, change must come from the top, and operators’ buy-in is essential. However, changing the mindset of a traditional industry still takes time, even though the pandemic has helped accelerate this process.

Metaproject celebrates its 30th anniversary in 2022. Could you explain why the company has achieved longevity in Chile’s mining sector?

Metaproject has been in business for 30 years and has successfully implemented technological changes throughout this time. We have evolved because of our versatility and can help clients adhere to budgets by redistributing resources or utilizing our experience to suggest different solutions. Our focus on providing multidisciplinary engineering across all project phases, coupled with our commitment to client collaboration, has earned us a reputation for excellence in the Chilean mining sector.

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