Can you provide a brief introduction to Sandvik Rock Processing (SRP) Solutions and its presence in the southwestern US?

SRP Solutions is a business area of Sandvik that focuses on processing equipment, particularly in the mining segment. Our portfolio includes crushing and screening equipment, such as crushers and screens of different types. Recently, we acquired two companies – Kwatani in South Africa, a leading supplier of screens and feeders for mining, and the mining division of Schenk Process Group – which complement our screening equipment portfolio. We currently have a facility in Elko and plan to continue growing our presence in the southwestern US.

What is the demand like in Nevada and Arizona for your products?

In Nevada, customers demand more efficient processes and more technology. Our crushers are well-known for their advanced technology, and we aim to continue this by implementing remote sensors, monitoring machines, and reducing electric consumption before the milling process. In Arizona, we have a strong presence and have proven our crushing technology. We also have other products like wear plates and transfer shoots, which offer up to 20 times more life than standard steel plates, resulting in less cost-per-ton and less exposure to risk.

How do your products help mining firms?

Our crushers provide reliable and high reduction rates, and we offer high-level monitoring equipment. The crusher stage needs to be as efficient as possible to provide fine material before entering the milling process, which is one of the most critical processes for a mining site. By reducing the feed for the milling process, either through capacity or energy spending, our products can help mining firms improve their efficiency.

How important is innovation to SRP?

Innovation is key to SRP. Technology means more productivity, less risk, and a better approach to sustainability. We have been at the forefront of remote monitoring for crushers for decades, and our remotely operated Automation and Connectivity System (ACS) device is a unique technology that offers customers real-time data from thousands of kilometers away. When it comes to technology, we want a single software platform that can gather data from all crushers, allowing customers to monitor them in one centralized space.

How does Sandvik contribute to the decarbonization of the mine?

Productivity, safety, and sustainability are related, and more efficient equipment can positively impact a mine’s decarbonization plans. Our crushers already operate with electric motors, but we aim to improve the efficiency of the crushing stage itself, as an efficient crushing stage means a better milling stage, which is the stage consuming the most energy. This is how we can provide a better decarbonization value chain.

Can you expand on the adoption rate of new technologies in the Southwest?

Change is coming, and Arizona is ahead of Nevada when it comes to adopting new technologies regarding our crushers. However, change can be difficult, and people need to see the benefits of technology before they start adopting it. All our customers want automation and connectivity, but connectivity is becoming the biggest challenge. People are still skeptical about how they can share data and what data they can share, which creates a roadblock to creating trust.

 What are SRP’s key priorities in the next 6 months?

Our key priority is growth, whether it is organic or through acquisitions. We are looking for further acquisitions that make sense from a business standpoint and will help our customers achieve their sustainability targets. We also want to develop our footprint in Arizona and Nevada and help clients reach their sustainability targets there.

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