What led to your decision to expand into the Tampa Bay area as your first target outside of Kentucky?

Our involvement in Florida spans close to two decades, engaging as a general contractor or contract manager for existing clients. We’ve prided ourselves on maintaining an 86% returning-client business. However, the scope of servicing these clients in Florida grew considerably, spanning projects from Jacksonville to Fort Lauderdale. Researching Florida, Tampa Bay emerged as an area showing immense promise for future growth. It was not only a cultural fit but also centrally located, serving as an ideal hub for our Florida operations.

Are there specific geographic areas witnessing increased demand within the Tampa Bay region?

Schaefer is active throughout Florida, particularly in senior living and commercial markets. While Tampa Bay experiences substantial demand, we’ve observed an expansion into the surrounding areas. Much of the new construction in healthcare facilities and commercial projects seems to be focused in these regions. This development aims to meet the needs of the burgeoning population moving into Florida and enhance services for the communities in and around Tampa Bay.

What sustainable technologies are in high demand within the construction industry?

The construction industry has evolved significantly in sustainability. Green building and LEED, which were significant focuses over a decade ago, are now seamlessly integrated into projects. Solar power is a prominent technology gaining traction, especially in new developments. Although solar faces storage challenges, advancements in this field have been substantial. Solar technology is expected to continue its prominence, particularly in states like Florida and within the Tampa Bay area.

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